Who We Help

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Admission Criteria

Priority will be given to eligible homeless families.
There must be at least one parent with a child under the age of 18 in the family.
Applicants should be highly motivated to make positive changes in their lives.
Applicants should be flexible since they will move to a new host site every week.
Applicants should not have any current substance abuse, serious domestic violence issues or untreated mental illness.
All adult family members must be working or seeking employment.

Success Story

Junior and Antonita


Before Family Promise my husband Junior, myself and our 4-year old daughter Junny came to Hawaii for medical assistance for Junny who is disabled. I was so worried to live on the street with my disabled daughter. We lived with relatives from 2011-2013 but it’s hard to stay with friends or relatives because our names are not on their list and we are overcrowded. Through those years I applied for public housing and other low-income houses, but the problem was we didn’t have enough money.

January of this year I looked back into my old newspaper and I found the name “Family Promise.” I think they help and promise to their families to find a better way in their lives and their home.” I was ashamed to call their number if they were going to accept my call. But my heart kept telling me to and then I did. Awesome!! The phone rang and a lady answered it. She said, “Hello? How can I help you?” Yes, I introduced myself, and after that I started asking her about the program. She told me that they help homeless families who have children. I told her, “Please, I really need your help. I’m homeless. I don’t have my own house to live.” She told me “I am going to put your family name down and I will call you back when we have an opening.”

In February I received a call from Christy. She asked me if I was still interested in the program, and I said “yes I am.” Then she made my appointment for interviewing. After that my family was qualified for the Day Program. In Family Promise they have assigned workers. They help us to make our budget to save money for our future house. They help the family to find a job. Family Promise is different from the other shelters. They don’t charge the families because that’s what they do to help the homeless families to save money to better their lives. They provided shampoo, soap, toothpaste, diapers, wipes, towels, pillows, food, school supplies, laundry, donations, etc. In Family Promise you can see much “Aloha.” I felt so excited that I believed that my dream will come true..

On March 12 my family started in the program which means we are in the regular program at Family Promise days and nights. They have the interfaith congregations who volunteer to host the families to sleep during the night at their church. They provide us with beds, sheets, dinner and breakfast. I thank all the congregations for letting us stay and with you showing us your kindness, generosity and ALOHA. In Family Promise I met a lot of families I’ve never known before, but now we are one “like a feather of a bird lock together forever and we will be together.”

My heart feels happy and there are many tears because we will miss the other families at Family Promise. Like I said, Family Promise, without you I wouldn’t be standing on my own feet. I really thank you very much. I hope everything will continue on. You are doing very well for my family. I write this letter but my tears drop down, and my heart is full of pain. I didn’t know how to explain everything in detail to say thank you. It’s sad to be apart, but our heart is always with you forever.