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Dear COVID-19

January 22, 2021

Dear COVID-19,

Years before we were wearing face masks and applying hand sanitizer to protect against you, we were dealing with a pandemic of a different sort: the crisis of families experiencing homelessness.

At Family Promise of Hawaiʻi, the values of empathy, respect, and collaboration are the heart of our culture. So, naturally, we rely on these values as we rally together to protect our community’s keiki from homelessness and hunger.

COVID-19, you have brought a new layer of uncertainty to our community but we have news for you: We are stronger!

Our parents and children have been through more than you can ever throw at us. They have overcome fears and anxieties, scarcity, and discouragement with the kind of strength and courage that wilts metal.

You spread despair. We prioritize hope. We pivot in the direction of opportunity - always.

Rest assured that beneath the masks our families wear at our shelter, glowing smiles abound. While we mask up, we also shield against despair with intangible tools like resiliency, patience, and determination. We