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From a father

Family Promise has changed our lives! As a young family, we really were confused on how and where to start. We’ve learned so much being in the program.  Especially budgeting. Hopefully, we keep what we learned here in our minds now that we are getting out of this program.  If it wasn’t for what we’ve learned here, we would probably be homeless or back couch surfing.

From a child

 Before I write this letter, I just wanted to let Family Promise know that without this program, me and my family wouldn't have a second chance to get back on our feet. Words cannot express or describe how truly thankful/grateful we are, but picture this... When we look up in sky at night all we see up there is millions of stars right?!  Then imagine that's how much love/thankfulness we have for the Family Promise program and the workers/volunteers.

From a mother

Family Promise gave us a safe place to sleep every night, food, a place to wash our clothes and bathe.  It also gave us a way to interact with others without having to hide our situation or feeling shamed…Family Promise helped us find a place willing to rent to us regardless of credit and they helped us with the first month’s rent.  Family Promise helped show us that there are good people who are willing and able to help if you can find them.  It also helped remind me to never give up on the things I’ve worked hard for.

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