Acts of compassion have the power to change the lives of families.

'Ohana Dinners contactless meal program

Volunteers provide dinner for the families in our Emergency Shelter program here in Honolulu on Mondays and Wednesdays. In the Emergency Shelter program, there are four groups with an average of 20 people in each group. Volunteers are asked to reserve at least one group to provide a meal for (please reserve more if you can), specific details on the number of individuals in each group will be emailed to you after signing up. The instructions for providing an 'Ohana Dinner are as follows:

   Prepare a main dish and side that pairs well with rice

(each of the families has a  rice cooker, microwave, and a mini-fridge in their room)

         Pack food in containers according to family size and label each container with floor and room number (FPH can provide containers if needed) 

 Meet a FPH staff member at the location families are being housed at 5pm on your selected date so that meals can be delivered to the families

Take a look at this presentation for visual instruction of the program:  Contactless 'Ohana Dinner Program

 If you have questions,  please email

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