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Giving Back with Stimulus Checks

By Sam Church, Executive Director

It’s been a surreal few weeks. Overwhelming to say the least.

The calls for help are rushing in.

We’ve been fortunate that many people have stepped up to donate and support the most vulnerable - children and families who are experiencing homelessness. Opening the mailbox or checking our online donation form brings me so much joy in the midst of this crisis because it’s evidence that the community continues to support one another. The support is allowing us to expand our services during this pandemic. Services like shelter, meals, and rental assistance to help keep families in their housing.

This past weekend I was shocked when I saw that a donation for $1,200 came in with the following note, we are certain there is someone who needs the stimulus more than us. - Glenda Quarnstrom

What an act of kindness! This money is going to help another family in Hawaiʻi who is in dire economic strains.

We’ve seen a 400% increase in demand for help due to widespread job losses in our community. We are experiencing the highest unemployment rate in the nation. If you receive a stimulus check and don’t need the extra cash, consider donating to us or other local nonprofits who are providing vital relief during this crisis. Together, we can support one another through this challenging time.


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