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August 6th: End of the Hawaii Eviction Moratorium


Although we are certainly not in the clear as far as the COVID-19 pandemic is concerned, we have reached a critical point in determining what the future will look like moving forward. Long before the current pandemic, many were already enduring the wide-spread crisis that lack of affordable housing creates. Last year when the pandemic brought the travel industry to a crawl, we saw record breaking numbers in unemployment. In order to prevent a tidal wave of evictions, a moratorium was put into place. Since then, several extensions have been made as different assistance programs were rolled out to aid struggling households. Now that more people have returned to work, and vaccinations are widely available, it has been established that there will be no further extensions and August 6th will be the last day of the eviction moratorium.

Many families who were struggling before the pandemic, had their economic circumstance worsen over the past year and are now facing the threat of eviction. Although measures like Act 57 have been put into place to encourage property owners and tenants to determine a resolution outside of court, many families who are over four month past due on rent will be faced with trying to find alternative housing. This will be especially difficult because it further increases the demand of affordable housing on an already limited supply. There are however, several programs and resources available to renters facing the possibility of eviction. For information on mediation and other resources please explore the following links:

Additionally, we at Family Promise, have a fund of limited resources for families whose income has been negatively effected by the pandemic, or who are at-risk of being evicted. If you are in need of assistance, please contact us at (808) 466-4241 or visit


It Takes A Village

On Friday, June 18th, 2021, Oliver Church, affectionately called "Ollie," was born a healthy 7lbs 15oz to our beloved Executive Director, Sam Church and her husband. When asked whether having Oliver has changed the way she views the work she does at Family Promise, she had this to say:

"Yes, having Ollie has intensified my passion for helping families thrive. It really takes a village to help raise a child. Since Ollie has been born I’ve had to reach out for help for a variety of things. I’m grateful that for the families we support at FPH we can play a part in helping families reach their goals and helping ensure their children are safe and healthy."

We are proud of the 'ohana-centered strategies we use to aid families who are navigating housing crises, and aim to be a part of the "village-like" support system needed to overcome family homelessness. We are excited for the Church family and look forward to the ways Sam's intensified passion will help innovate creative solution to solving family homelessness. Congratulations!


Meet the Team

An Interview with TyAsia Hodge, Office Assistant

The FPH team (staff, volunteers, and board members) is diverse. We value this diversity as one of the strongest factors in our collective success. Drawing upon our range of cultural backgrounds, skills, educational levels, beliefs, and experiences fosters empathy, creativity, and community. In our upcoming newsletters we will be featuring a variety of team members at FPH so you can get to know them a little better. This month, we get to know Ty. Tell us a little bit about yourself. What brought you to Family Promise? When I moved to Hawaii I was surprised by the number of homeless people I saw. Coming from a small town in the south, this isn't a common sight. I came across Family Promise of Hawaii and felt like this position was meant for me, as I wanted to further my experience in Accounting as well as help the community. I researched the company, their mission statement, and what they wanted to accomplish and it felt like it just made sense for me to join such an amazing organization. Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies? I love gardening, I believe I inherited a green thumb from my mother. Watching her grow plants my entire childhood naturally caused me to love it as an adult. What’s something you’re proud of? One thing that I'm proud of is being able to adjust and continue to push myself in times where others may feel like giving up. I have a goal and mission for myself and I will continue to push through no matter what curveballs are thrown my way. What’s something you find challenging about your work at Family Promise? Honestly I don't find anything challenging but more so rewarding. I'm always excited about any small or big way that I can contribute to helping to change someone else's life for the better. When you are not working, what's your favorite way to relax? My favorite ways to relax are hiking, going to the beach, taking a nap, catching a movie, or simply just staying in the house wrapped in a comfy blanket.


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